Cloud Ball Gas - An large cloud of putrid gas pushed out of the anal region tending to linger in a room or on a public form of transportation like a bus.

The smell tends to burn the nostrils and will make breathing difficult as well as potentially induce vohmiting. In some cases death can occur from asphyxiation due to an instinctual reaction to hold one's breath while being exposed to the cloud.
I can't breathe someone must have dropped a CBG on the bus.

It smells kind of like a car backfired or a buffalo's asshole it must be a CBG!

That smell won't go away must be a CBG
by Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro January 16, 2011
Crazy Black Girl. A "ghetto" black girl who chooses to let her booty grow huge and her attitude bigger. They are very loud, sometimes angry, and often show disregard for any authorative figure. Can often be seen snapping their fingers and yelling at each other, or what they define as "talk."
"Uh-oh, a big group of CBG's is starting something over there. We'd better run."
by Druuuuuuuuu October 23, 2005
Shorthand for cigar box guitar, homemade instruments often made during times of depression with whatever was available. Played in modern times by groups like Jug Fusion, Bazookahosen, Yeti On A Budget, Shane Speal, Presidents of the USA and others.
I just put the finishing touches on my new CBG, it has tone for days.
by Zimbabwe November 26, 2004

Comic Book Guy
There were two CBGs arguing about whether Goku's eyes are blue or aqua on this DragonBall Z forum.
by Cabji March 01, 2004
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