word meaning "shit" in nad-sac
I beat the cal out of the guy.

I got yelled at and all that cal.
by dirt mcgirt February 20, 2004
Wow, did you see how many cals are in this soda?
by tpabay January 22, 2010
Someone who doesn't have a social life and is afraid to leave the door, Typically this person has longish hair and a child moustache.
Mark: "You going out?"
Jay: "No, I'm playing Reach"
Mark: "Don't be a Cal!"
by Bald Bear May 17, 2010
to creep on someone younger than you with the intention of getting much, much sex from them. (can also be used as a noun)
Louis was calin' on Mackenzie (who was four years younger than him) because he thought she had a nice rack.
by wannacal? October 30, 2009
1.The best public university.
2. A fantastic football team that kills Stanford, and should have beaten USC(university of spoiled children)
1. I got my degree from Cal and had dozens of job offers when I graduated.
2. Cal deserves the rose bowl, but got fucked by the BCS and the fucking rednecks from Texas.
by Will December 05, 2004
a chill funny kidd who knows how to kick it
lets go kick it with cal hes always down
by max dow August 06, 2006
A guy who is hot, and knows how to kick it!!!
could also mean shit, but the first ones better, and more true!!
Did you see that guy? He was so cal!
by Superelf October 15, 2006

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