Contraction: 'Can I,'
Cai slur my speech too..?
by Clay R Smith June 10, 2007
Chinese American International School
CAIS has pretty smart people.
by surferdude97867534 August 19, 2006
A creature that originates from the north east but moves down south for warmer weather and a reduction in pollution. They can be identified by having rabbit like hair, it is a peaceful animal but can get very agressive when agitated by magpies or black cats. It is best to avoid in the wild as they may be hungry and attack.
Look at that little cai over there, isn't it cute!
by graham north February 21, 2005
It's an acronym for Cry About It. Best used after someone has told a long story about how sad and miserable their life is.
Sad KID: oh my god! I'm so depressed right now, my girlfriend just broke up with me and my parents wont let me go to the Fall Out Boy concert. I hate my life!
Person: CAI
by IhaveAnAwesomeHat April 17, 2007
Extremly skilled baitor. Uses various types of things to bait. Head of the EBT (Elite Baiting Tactics) Squad. Often known to bait people that refer to themselves as rebz 's.
Man I caied that guy so bad. I shoulda just won by default.
by Bill Clinton April 09, 2003
Caucassian Anal Inspector
What do you do for a living? Oh, I work for the CAI
by phong April 10, 2003
Long spear-like individual who stands tall even when compared to monuments. Has a premanent loathing for anyone who dresses marginaly different than himself and has hair over 1 inch long.
Shut up you faschist piece of Cai!

"Nope, not by a cai shot."
by Sweaty Goth March 17, 2005
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