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The chemical formula for methamphetamine, a very gross, disgusting, and addicting drug. Don't do meth, it's gross.
Girl #1: Hey sexy!
Girl #2: Hey! Let's meth it up!
Girl #3: Meth? Ew, no way! I hate meth! Life ruiner!
Girl #4: Yay! Meth party!!!


by Pocho August 16, 2006
Rare slang originating in Winnipeg's roughest "hoods" and is used to describe high purity Methamphetamine.
Sometimes shortend to H15, Carbon 10 Hydrogen 15 and Nitrogen is the formula for 100% pure Methamphetamine.
"I just scored some C10H15N, gonna be high for days"
"Come over, I just got some H15"
by Mynameisblankdummy May 22, 2013