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Chief Club Officer (CCO)

A title given to someone in lieu of a promotion entailing a monetary bump and/or stock options. This is often confused with 'Chief Creative Officer', which is a widely accepted, respected and understood role in more than one company.
Congratulations, you are now a CCO! You are a C-level officer and can have a biography on the company website. However, the subtext is, in fact, a demotion.
by ILoveBurtReynolds October 10, 2013
(1) Chief Creative Officer
(2) The Big Creative Cheese
(3) The most fun person out of all the C Something Officers (suits)

The person in charge of a company's creativity.
They hired a CCO to regulate the creative projects and inspire all the employees develop more creative skills.
by Arora April 02, 2011
Cannabis Connoisseur Original....an abbreviation use to label an individual discreetly as a lover of fine cannabis
C.c.o. tattooed on the for-arm would indicate someone who enjoys and appreciates fine cannabis
by The Green Thumb October 20, 2010