short for craddle robber. You qualify if your girl/boyfriend's(f) age is less that half your(y) age plus seven:
f<1/2 y +7
Jonathan is a C.R.
by Stuart Haggerty September 16, 2003
best damn motocross bike on the market made by honda im a chik and i race a CR125 which is fukin awsum
the other day i went to the moto shop and got a CR
by moto_chik August 06, 2005
chinese restaurant syndrome; caused after eating at a chinese restaurant
Kevin: man i feel sick shit
Austin: that fucking asian restaurant last night, u got C.R.S
by wants it June 12, 2008
shortcut for "can't read".
cr usually follows after some interesting quote in some dubious debate on the internet.
quote...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.../quote
tl, cr.
by blooez January 29, 2008
short form for Chick Repellant.
My friend Jon is major Chick repellant, so we have given him the lovely acronym of "CR." His drunken antics and borederline sexual assault on the dancefloor is sure to repel any female within site.
by Wojtek May 17, 2006
cant remember shit
i suffer from c.r.s.
by assclownz December 11, 2003

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