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To inexplicably render any and all electronic devices, jewelry, power tools or other consumer goods of the slightest monetary value in your general vicinity, missing, inoperable, useless or otherwise completely worthless.

Coined from a "rehab" nickname given to an individual with the last name of Cronin, who would frequently engage in this type of behavior.

(Apparently, in rehab, instead of using one's full name (privacy laws), they use one's first name and last initial. When there are two people with the same first name in rehab at the same time, they use the first TWO letters of the person's last name to differentiate.)

Thusly, when out of rehab and tweakin’ again, it becomes really easy to destroy inanimate objects very quickly without realizing the damage being caused; often not recalling inflicting any damage or being near the item in question at all.

This phenomenon is often accompanied by vehement denial of any wrongdoing or involvement what so ever.
"Fuck! I passed out while smoking and totally CR'd a bunch of my laptop keys. They're all melted, man!"
by MoInThe415 June 28, 2005
13 14
Abbreviation for crank, aka crystal meth, aka methamphetamines, et cetera.
I've been tweaking on CR for the past three days.
by Damonbee March 26, 2004
20 21
CR – (Cee-‘Ar) noun – CRs, CRing, etc – Cock Rider – 1. A dirty, slovenly woman. An immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute. A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, sometimes for money; whore; harlot; strumpet. 2. A heterosexual female. Perhaps even a homosexual male. Anyone that genuinely enjoys riding the cock.
"Are you down to hit up the CR restaurant in town square? I hear it's the best place to find some quality CRs."
by SoSoMeesot October 07, 2011
3 5
To forget to do something that should come naturally.

Coined from the phrase: "Corona Reduction". Often preceeded by a night out on the town or the result of old age.
I stopped my motorcycle, forgot to put my foot down, and fell over. "I pulled a CR".
by Aero Pharoe August 05, 2007
12 14
Pronounced as /kurr/. To go to the comfort room, bathroom, or toilet either to urinate or to defecate.
I'll just cr for a while.
by JM Pogi March 31, 2008
6 9
A public-friendly way of saying Cuntal Region. Pronounced "krih", like the first part of "crotch". Refers to the shape of the female genital region taking into account the crotch and surrounding area shape, including size and shape of the lower belly and uppermost part of the thighs, with clothes on. Girls typically possess nicer CR with a slim or athletic body, and tight pants.

Girls like to be complimented on their CR.
Nice CR, pity about the face.

On the subway I often pretend to type a message on my phone when actually I'm staring down at a girl's CR.

Those tight jeans really do justice to her CR.

Wor... look at that CR...!

She's got a CR to die for.

I love CR!
by momomomo February 02, 2008
15 18
One of the coolest guys in ROKFD. Previously known as CombatReady, but everyone got too lazy to type that out
Damn, cr! You're so awesome I want to have your children.
by ROKFD PRIDE!!! March 17, 2005
8 11