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C.I.M.D.A.S (pronounced "Sim-Daas") is an Acronym that derived from southwest Ohio in 2010 after a lazy encounter with a Facebook status update... it is mainly used to define the comfortable state of relaxing in one's undergarments while still partaking in normal every day activities. It literally means to "Chill(in') In My Drawers and Socks". Typically this action will follow immediately after returning from a long days of work, or after a lengthy sexual encounter. The acronym was created when one exceptionally bright young man decided it was more efficient to type six letters with one finger to update his facebook status instead of getting up from his laying down position and putting his turkey club down to use two.

Some registered activities that have been logged during an official C.I.M.D.A.S period (so far) are: watching Cable Television, eating doritos and/or KC Masterpiece Ridged Ruffles, fishing, playing the keyboard/piano, talking on the phone, mowing the lawn, wrenching in the garage, taking an online exam, chess games, washing the bike or automobile, receiving cunnilingus while using a laptop, Playing Halo/Black Ops while giving cunnilingus, Making a Ceasar Salad, Engaging in Anal with remote control in hand,

Undergarment Variants Include (and are not limited to):
Bra & Socks \\ C.I.M.B.A.S.
Bra & Panties \\ C.I.M.B.A.P.
Socks Only (preferebely non-matching) \\ C.I.M.S.O.
Bra only \\ C.I.M.B.O

---Man 1--- Where are you going after Party in the Park? We're going to go Ride, you down?...
---Man 2--- Naw, I'm good. I'm heading to the crib to Halo and C.I.M.D.A.S.

---Woman 1--- Hey! Tasha... where did Jeff go?
---Woman 2--- Oh, I sent him home after I got my C.I.M.B.O. sex combo on. Black Ops?

---Man 1--- What's up?
---Man 2--- C.I.M.D.A.S. You?
by Meen Dizzle July 11, 2011
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