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Brazilian Portuguese - A studious student,a bookworm,a geek,a nerd.
It's an acronym:C (cu)D (de) F(Ferro)
Pedro é um tremendo C.D.F. ! Só tira 100 nas provas!!!(Peter is a real C.D.F.!He just takes A+ in all of his tests!!!
by Quimera87 April 06, 2006
7 2
shortened version of the name of a uk city, cardiff
random myspace kid: omgzzzz i saw you in cdf saturday!
famous myspace kid: yeh... go away.
by anaksunamun August 25, 2007
31 17
"Common Dog Fuck" : a crude acronym for using "common sense"
"how about you people use a little CDF to work it out"
by Fishguts July 31, 2007
15 6
Calm down fuck sake
I think you should cdfs
by sandyceltic December 15, 2010
3 0
Copenhagen Dependant Firefighters.

This is a slang term used to refer the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Or more commonly known as CDF.
by Alistair MacIlherron September 21, 2009
7 6
Um estudante aplicado. Uma abreviação de Cú De Ferro.
Pedro é um tremendo CDF! Só tira 100 nas provas!!!
by befma2 December 20, 2013
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Abbreviation for Compact Disk File System. As it's name would suggest, it is the standard file system for all types of data disks.
While hard drives use NTFS, CDs use CDFS
by Kyle2252 August 25, 2009
2 2