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A street gang formed in The South end of Seattle, Washington, by Darnell Jones and Marcus (J) Jacobson. Known for their violent way of life and proud "rep" of there set, based mainly in the King County area, but have spread out to southern California and all over the Washington area. Commonally identified by a White "Rag" or banndanna, the gang has hand signs and slang terms for use internally.
Considered by the police as a street gang, the Konvicts are considered violent and dangerous. The gang probobly has ties to the drug market, and firearms branch but is mainly used to "protect its weak".
Commonally used hand signs are a "K" with out streched fingers, and graffiti ranging from North Seattle to South Seattle.
C-Town Konvictz Konvicktz, Konvicts, Convicts, C-towwnerz, Sea-town Convicts, Sea-town Konvicts, etc
by White Banger November 15, 2007
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