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A Chicago based crew that has grown exponentially since it first began in 2007, because of its patented kushing technique. C-Squad is known for rollin deep, pongin hard, and kushin harder.
John- "eyy bro were you at that party last night?"

Jake- "yeah man haha you watch C-Squad roll in?"

John- "hell yeah! they roll deep as hell, you ever see them pong?"

Jake- "yeah dude I was haven't seen shit until you've seen them kush"
by 4N0N0M1573R September 22, 2009
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1. n. The group of (usually young freshmen) cheerleaders who are rejected by the Varsity squad as well as J.V. More times than not are found to be flanting themselves. Although they are left in the stands at Football games , they see themselves as hot shit for wearing the outfits.poseing as those older than they are.
; an insult to be refered to as one.
' Look at those skanks, they are so fake . They should join the C-Squad.'

'During last nights football game, the band kids began chanting C-Squad as the young squad cheered from the student section.'
by jolexis23 May 17, 2010
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1). Word used to describe the ghetto population of the school Coral Glades High located in the area of white compton.

2). Used as chant to represent the school by the ghetto kids.
"YO SON we won the football game last night . C-SQUAD
by some ghetto girl January 02, 2008
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