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1. A webcomic with gag comics and cartoons covering important topics like how women choose their underwear, how smartphone users see each other and the various people you'd meet in urinals. It's a comic known for drawing men hairy and women with huge boobs. Also spelled csectioncomics, csection comics or just csection.

2. Comics about doctors pulling babies out of a pregnant woman's open belly instead of their vaginas
1. "Hey, did you check today's c-section comics?"
"Sure, it's my fourth favorite comic right after cyanide and happiness, the oatmeal, and ctrl-alt-del
"Fuck you"

2. "I wanted to decorate my clinic, so I printed some c-section comics and hung them up on the wall"
"You're the craziest OB-GYN I ever met"
by maili December 15, 2013
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