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a swiss ice tea drink with extracts of cannabis
made for the wankstas who r too scared to smoke weed so they buy this instead to look cool
wanksta: look dude im soo high on this C-Ice cannabis ice tea
gangsta: u dumbass u cant get high off it, go smoke some real weed
wanksta: fuck off im sooo high wait till ma m8s see me drinkin this shit
gangsta: ye w/e looser
by gangster50 June 27, 2006
8 3

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cannabis gangsta ice tea wanksta
hard to get woman who has a knack for playing mind games
damn that chick has cices
by kurtlover April 04, 2011
3 0
extremely awesome; sweet and nice put together to form one single word; comparative to stellar dome.
man that thing is so cice!
by G-Bol August 03, 2005
8 16