On top of being the hardest OG's around for miles, c-block souljaz also happen to be the best bill hitters in the Greater Toronto Area. There is no better, and i mean absolutely no one is as good and professional as us when it comes to punchin' fat rim rockers of every scale. The calibur of our bills make ya'll bills look the size of a pinhead. Eat a bag of dicks if you think otherwise and we will gladly ruckus any punks who wish to face off in a billathon ...step up
"yo damn that cat jus punched 20 bills wit' ease..too that shit down like it was water."

"Aiyyo you 'dun jus' see that balla from tha one an' only C-block punch tha fattest bill ever. 'Dis billie musta been rockin atleast a gram in its bowl dawg."
by p - l o c October 01, 2004
Top Definition
A street gang representing the Cedarvale area of Toronto. Many casualties take place due to common altercations or "beefs". A C-Block Soulja is commonly seen robbing and/or beating down someone while doing numerous drugs and/or drinking alcoholic beverages.
Some Jamaican: Ayo wha gwon bombaross?!
C-Block Soulja: Shut the fuck up nigga fo I put this fifth up yo ass and let tha trigga do the talkin
Some Jamaican: Ya nah wan rump wit jamaica ya fossewol, we de original rostaclo---
C-Block Soulja: Ye, yous a smart mu'fucka now. Respec' yo'sef. I'm in the hood all day you should call me crack niggas. And we out 'fo one time come. ..
by T. Dot. Ro June 08, 2005
PHAT CAP YO.....We be munchin dees peices like other assorted non phsycedelic Fungi... as well as fat mount everest sized bowls. There as big as all the people that have died on that mo-fo
Random Cracky: Fuck yo im freaking out dinasours are fuckin taking over, plus there ant counterparts are roaming the urbans hoods as well
C-Block: No man, u just hit a he did it, chill with that... dont be flop
by Jorad/ J- Lor May 04, 2005
The absolute HARDEST hood in Tha' T.dot. We rep everything from Teks, to Ak'z. Also we be tha illest bill hittaz cross Da globe...WE DUN FUCK around. Rask-Won Da chef, P-lock, Shellitration, Jorad, G-liznenn and NOT SHAUL.
" yo dose souljaz be fresh "
" yo check dat tek, he be reppin c-block "
by Shellatration October 21, 2004
Scrilla Fam Holla Atcha BOi. We be the hardest nukkas ever. When u be up in the club tryin to mack up harsh barges. We be up in the VIp smokin mad piff, mackin enuff fit dimes. We be the cats that roll 20 brothers deep, smackin the fuck out of all u fake ass cats. Part of Our Rosta, Shelldor, Steeleback, Rask-one, P-lock, G-lenn, and jorax.

Aiyoooo, where them c-block souljaz at? fuckin ur mom!!!!
by SteeleBack October 12, 2004
The C-Block souljaz are the hardest click to ever exist in toronto. C-block souljaz always punch the biggest billies like its no thing. No bill is every too big no drink is ever to strong for a c block soulja. No one in toronto is harder than a C-block soulja.
Gangster #1:yo word is bond that c-block soulja just punched the fattest billy I ever seen!
Gangster #2:and he robbed me at the same time!
by squants May 02, 2005
C-Block Souljaz are the realest thugz straight from the streetz of Bathurst and Eglinton. These young bucks generally reside in the Cedarvale (C-Block) area, totin' 9 millies and any other hand held weapon, ready to unload at any given time. One should not approach these straight hoodz by any means due to their excessive gangstaness and tendency to snatch chains and stomp out fake-ass wankstaz. We 'Dun Told Ya'
"Yo you see 'dem C-Block catz jus' roll up and merk like 20 of those Vaughn and Oakwood g's!... Daaaamn them Souljaz from C-Block are the realest"

"Yo 'dat hood from C-Block jus' rolled up in his Escalade and fuckin' busted out a Fo' Fo' and a Mac 11 and just popped 10 homies from Jane and Finch in they head! Fuck these guys are rough."
by p - l o c September 30, 2004
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