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C Murda is a freestyle genius out of Fallston, MD. His full stage name is Nigga C Murda; as he 'murda's' the competition.

His lyricism is derived from his night life. Murda's night life is composed of parties and how he is a notorious lady killer. His tracks usually consist of his one night stands and his comical ways he gets out of trouble.

In many of his freestyle's he is not afraid to create new words much to his critic's discretion. One of his better known tracks, he uses the word 'Slore' to describe a "slut whore."
Person A: Did you hear the new freestyle that C Murda dropped this weekend?

Person B: No, what did he spit about?

Person A: Just how he was drunk one night and can't remember if he slept with this one girl or not haha.
by andfitch82 November 05, 2010
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The leetest of leet in a game called Counter-Strike. If you see this name in any server, praise the lord cuz your going to get raped in the ass.
Cmurda raped my whole clan every round of the scrim.
by cg January 21, 2004
10 13