C-lacey see through night gown.

usually a sexually explicit person who has many STD's.
but she can help it cause she just loves sex!
Damn that girl must be a C-lace.
by Emmmmersss. August 28, 2007
Top Definition
A ship from The Mortal Instrument series Clary and Jace
Person : "I don't ship Clace "
Entire Fandom : Hunts him down
by Jellodiangelo January 04, 2015
There's really no way to explain C Lace. Words are just words sometimes but in this case there aren't any actual words that do it justice. C Lace is a magical creature. One who emerges only to spread the joy and love of the world while maintaining an element of poise and party. Appreciates the simplicity of life. Enjoys Newport's and freshly rolled blunts. You'll only ever spot this magnificant creature in an '07 Tahoe or gallivanting along some sort of beach overlooking the Atlantic. Overall, you want to find C Lace and hold onto her. She's a precious commadity
"If C Lace is doing it, then I should be doing it too"
"C Lace, are those Newports?"
"Hey I heard C Lace was going to be there, we should go"
"What? You said C Lace isn't real? Naw bro, she's right there"
by Zach Godsmack March 10, 2010
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