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Shouted for good luck, or for no reason at all.
C'mon titty! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!
by RatchetBoo October 27, 2003
During intercourse a woman of Asian decent (who be bangin a honkey-slash-homie) fears being disowned from her elitist family gene-pool due to a mix-raced baby. The archetype of said woman speaks English poorly, and commands her partner to "c'mon titty" or as professional spelunkers refer to it "if you would be so kind, please jizz on my stalagmites."
You want happy ending, C'mon titty!
by expert ebonicist April 15, 2006
Term originating in Cambridge, MA in the late 1990s due to a overhearing of a black teenager's inability to pronounce the word "commodity" in a high school classroom. Used by kids when mocking or exaggerating how urban blacks speak.
"C'mo titty!" or "C'mon titty!"
by JWB August 15, 2005
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