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People who only show up at church on Christmas and Easter, the only two times a year where church attendance seems 'mandatory'.
Better set up more chairs in the sanctuary so all the C and E folks have a place to sit.
by LFJ February 10, 2006
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A guy with the most wonderful eyes ever! The sweetest smile there is. He's funny, loving, caring, awesome and so much more! He seems to not ever know how much he is loved..maybe one day. He is the best. Gorgeous and Tall, which is a plus. His voice is the perfect tone and his touch heart-warming. Nothing compares!!!
The moment i first saw Cande, he took my heart, without knowing.
Cande is like no other.
by Your One & Only * November 22, 2010
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C and E is casino slang for a bet on "Craps and Eleven". Observable at any casino where there is a Craps table.
Give me C and E for 100 and put the rest on a hard ten
by adam_before_eve April 22, 2006
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