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The C Meister
One of the several minions of the Hiro Meister, the Head of the Azn Chopstick Mafia. This so called C Meister, got accepted into the Azn Chopstick Mafia on Feb. 6th, 2008. The C Meister is well known for getting her ankles broken by the Hiro Meister. Everybody knows that the C Meister doesn't stand a chance against the legendary Hiro Meister, but the C Meister "claims" that she can ball him up any day. The C Meister likes to live in the refrigerators of Azn families expecting to find Azn foods such as, sushi, ramen noodles, fried rice, Hiro Meister's cat "Smokey", dogs, and of course whales.
The C Meister Basketall Stats:

Leading scorer of the 2007-2008 basketball season

Leading assists of the 2007-2008 basketball season

Leading turnovers of the 2007-2008 basketball season

Leading attempted shots of the 2007-2008 basketball season

Give a round of applause to The C Meister!

Oh yea! Almost forgot... Haylie won "The Shittiest Player of the Year" award!
by The Hiro Meister February 15, 2008
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