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Two Amzing people
One guy called Michael and one Girl who goes by the name of Rebeccca who is fucking sexy. They have a hit list of people to beat the foo out of :)
They are equipped with ERA hats, a Baseball bat each and condoms :D
Girl 1: hey william, D'ya know about the Bwilly'Dons 2010?

Boy 2: yeah i have, they beat the foo outta' my sister becuase she said they smell

Girl 1: OMG!! you shouldn't ever say that to the Bwilly'Dons they have ERA hats, a baseball bat each and condoms.

Boy 2: OMG they are the Bwilly'Dons of 2010 ;)
#michael #rebecca #bwilly'dons #2010 #sex #condoms
by Bwilly'Dons 2010 December 06, 2010
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