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An aerial stunt in which an airplane tries to fly as close to a control tower as fast as the pilot can come without collision.
Obviously only acceptable if staged because it is so dangerous.
I'm pretty sure you could get in real trouble with the FAA for buzzing the tower without permission.
by Airrider October 08, 2009
when a chick plays like she's gonna give you some head, but she doesn't actually suck on it cause shes afraid it will spit on her.
that ho i was wit last nite, she was all up on my stick an' shit
then she just buzzed the tower, that bitch was wack!
by mike methane November 21, 2002
Gte a guy hard and pretendin' your gonna do something but u don't. That's buzzin' teh tower. Gettin' him all worked UP and shit but not doin' nething.
I was just messin' with him
Buzzin tower talk:
I was only buzzin' the tower.
by Shana April 07, 2003
When a fly keeps flying around your head
Here in the reserve room there are flys constantly buzzing the tower
by Bungalow Bill October 15, 2001
Shaving the shaft of the penis.
I'll have to call you back, I'm buzzing the tower so my bitch don't get hair in her mouth.
by Steve January 06, 2003
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