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An act in which a person sits on a bass cranked all the way up and receives filacio from his "lady friend."
Edd: Dude, I got some awesome Buzz Out Loud yesterday!
Frank: Aww yeah. I love Natalie Del Conte.
Edd: Dude! I would love to get some Buzz Out Loud from her!
Frank: I know. I love her commentary on tech culture.
Edd: ...
I don't think we are talking about the same thing.
by Sally_Henderson April 01, 2009
When your girl sits you down on a loud speaker and sucks your balls.
Yo man, my girl gave me a buzz out loud last night! Shit was so cash!!
by Huurrrr Durrrrrr April 01, 2009
The act of sitting on a heavily amplified, vibrating speaker while your lady friend suckles on your testicles.
"Last week Sally gave me a bad ass buzz-out-loud while listening to some Busta Rhymes."
by baka2 (first heard on the 404) April 02, 2009
A podcast generally accepted to be four hundred and four times better than its detractors (and imitators).
Wow, Merritt sure dick-topped the ever-loving shit out of Justin Yu on Buzz Out Loud today.
by Ear-doucher2 April 01, 2009
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