1.When someone adds something not funny at all to a funny joke makes you sad in the process.

2. A person who constantly makes everything funny really stupid and unfunny and also makes negative comments on everything positive.
1. Person 1: Dude, the Browns are so beast they are totally gonna win the superbowl.


Person 1: Buzzkill, no wait that made me sad you thought that was funny, buzzkilljoy.

2. Person 1: Man, that guy is such a buzzkill, i made the funniest joke in science but he turned it gay.

Person 2: Well he was a killjoy to me. I was asking some people if they wanted to go the the football game on Friday. Now, thanks to him, i know its going to rain and the game might get cancelled.

Person 1: I guess he's a buzzkilljoy then.

Buzzkilljoy: Hey guys, it said on facebook you ignored my friend request. Hehe must be some mistake.
by HGM4CHINE February 06, 2010
Top Definition
A name for people who suck the life out of things with either lame comments, or just their general presence.
I was having fun until Buzz Killjoy over there came over and ruined everything.

Buzz Killjoy ruined my high.
by MaseDiggityDawg March 10, 2010
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