1. a better way of saying buzz kill

2. a really boring person ruining fun for everyone
person 1: hey want to skip school?

person 2: sure let's do it

person 3: skipping school is not a good idea

person 1: who are you? no one likes you.your such a buzz killington
by sexilicious hooker November 06, 2012
A total bummer. Used most regularly by teenage, bro-type males to describe failed vodka-fueled hook ups or parties, but can also describe daily annoyances.
Bro 1: Yo, I was legit gonna tap that, but then she threw up all over herself and then she "wasn't in the mood anymore."

Bro 2: Buzzkillington.
by superdeely April 05, 2009
When you get to Killington and there's no pow.
John: Wow man, we just drove to Killington and there's no pow whatsoever!

by Sir Adrizzle III December 28, 2010
"Hey it's Gibby"
"More like Buzz Killington"
by IHateGibby July 18, 2009

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