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When a person's ability to communicate is reduced down to 3-4 phrases which they use non-stop (usually due to excessive drug use). This is a refrence to the three buttons on Buzz Lightyear's chest, each with a distinct phrase. Example phrases include: "Holy Shit!" "Oh my God!" "Really?" and "What the fuck?"

As a side note, in extreme cases the phrases will become jumbled over time resuling in things like "Ho-leee-shittt!" "O-muh-gudd!" causing people to believe the individual has Tourette's Syndrome.
He used to be able to talk to women but Buzz Lightyear Syndrome set in and now he can't even cary on a converstion.

"Why does he keep saying "O-muh-gudd?" Does he have Tourette's?"
"No just a bad case of Buzz Lightyear Syndrome."
by Buzz LYS May 16, 2010
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when a male believes that his stamina is that good that he can continue to please his woman to infinity and beyond!
I shagged my bird until i reached infinity and beyond ive been diagnosed with buzzlightyear syndrome
by tinkerbeck February 05, 2013
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