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To kill a person or a group of people. In reference to the 2010 malfunctions with Toyota brand vehicles (accelerators & braking systems). The logic at this time was that if someone was wanted dead, buy him/her a Toyota and it would take care of the problem.

Buying a Toyota has absolutely nothing to do with the purchase of an automobile. This saying is just a metaphor for committing murder or ridding oneself of a problem.
1.Thug 1: Man they say that Amanda is down at the precinct singing like a bird.
Thug 2: Yeah I heard. Don't worry I'm gonna buy the bitch a Toyota and everything is gonna be cool.

2. Carol: Girl, I'm so tired of my husband; he's so boring.

Anne: Why don't you leave him?

Carol: Because we live off of his inheritance.

Anne: Well you could always buy him a Toyota.

Carol: Now there's an idea!

3. Terrence: Mark, what are you going to do about Jeffery threatening your life.

Mark: I'm in the process of buying a Toyota for that dude right now.
by HoodGood GL February 10, 2010
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