A stiffy created for the sole purpose of ANAL sex... can not be satisfied by handers, Beejers, Tang, or any other means of action..
Tiffiny: Hey there KJ thats a great fuckin' boner you have there.

KJ: Thats no ordinary boner its a BUTTWOOD.. so shut the fuck up bend over and take this shit straight bitch.. no cheating!!
by Tyler Durden April 13, 2005
Top Definition
Fecal matter, poop, shit.
Hey I am going go to go upstairs and chop some buttwood because if I do it down here it's be all loud and smelly and that would ruin the moment.
by donuts246 December 04, 2006
poop, doo doo, dookie, shit, log
Patrice: where u going dawg?
Jiff: Ima go chop some butt wood
by Patrice DENALI keep it real September 22, 2008
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