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A liberal that feels victimized when something doesn't go their way. Often comes with the feeling that anything that doesn't reflect their world view has some unfair bias against them. Almost all liberals fall into the category of "butthurt liberal" due in large part to their inherent weaknesses: mental retardation and being vaginas about everything.
Only a Butthurt Liberal would use a website like urban dictionary to slander people they don't agree with.
by Brolexander the Great December 12, 2010
a liberal who gets all whiny when everyone is making jokes. even though the jokes are meant to be harmless, the liberal's poor little inner child gets hurt, because his inner child is up his arse and there's no room for it alongside the stick that already resides in it.
Jesus Christ, StevieMadrid, how can you be such a butt hurt liberal with such an extensive collection of flavored lubes!?
by mills759 April 25, 2005
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