A jizz filled condom
After I finished sexing up Sam, I threw my buttersock on her face.
by Otaku26 June 29, 2012
Top Definition
A sock full of butter in which Sam out of iCarly likes to beat people with. She names this weapon of choice a Buttersock.
Sam: "Let me beat her with my Buttersock."
by Bames shipper October 07, 2011
A sock full of butter in which someone is beaten with. They usually have a butter fetish or like to eat butter and/or socks. Buttersocks are a deadly weapon and have often been used by butter munchers as a way of softening butter before baking.
Guy1 "Let me beat you with my Buttersock"
Guy2 "Sure, I love butter"
by Butternomnom October 09, 2011
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