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The grease on a face after eating corn. The excrement on the face from licking/sucking/playing with a male sex organ.
Bitch got butter chops.
by MovieStarWeb April 25, 2015
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A derogatory term. A person who takes insane risks while being completely unaware of any danger. The important part of this definition is that the person has repeatedly suffered the consequences of this without learning anything from it.
Person A: "Damn you butter chops! how many times are you going to crash your car before you decide to start putting your seatbelt on"

Person B: "Just because i broke my ribs on the steering wheel doesn't mean i should have to start using seatbelts, i can't undo my broken ribs by putting it on now you know!."

Person A: "Yeah but you can stop it from happening again!"

Person B: "That makes no sense!"

by Endolaylith October 21, 2010

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