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A cleft chin, normally shaped in a way resembling a human butt
My red headed friend has a huge buttchin
by dibbs34 August 05, 2005
a chin that has a small/large dent in the center.
Look at "Jessica Simpson", she has a butt chin.
And so does her dumb sister.
by Miss Leah<3 January 10, 2006
a dimple on the chin, just as envied as cute dimples on the cheeks a term often used to connote jealousy of the beauty of the person who has the dimple

A beauty mark
Person 1: she has a butt chin

Person 2: Whoa jealous much? It's a cute addition to her already beautiful face!
by IrresistableForever June 29, 2010
A chin with a large (or even noticeable) cleft.
Why did that guy get chin implants? Now he has a buttchin.
by completely_harmless September 03, 2005
A second ass on the face
I want to fuck your buttchin
by Fabeo Griffien August 07, 2003
A person with an indent in the middle of their chin, resembling the characteristics of a butt.
Woah that dudes got a mad butt chin. I wish I had a butt chin so I could blow my nose and wipe my ass at the same damn time.
by samdaddymack July 02, 2012