What you get with Anal or Rectal Prolapse. The rectum turned inside out.
google: anal prolapse pic or rectal prolapse pic. this is butt berry.
by SpicyOrtiz December 08, 2012
Top Definition
alternetive term for the "Blackberry" PDA device, especially when the Buttberry's owner constantly uses it in an annoying fashion, such as during lunch, dinner, while driving, during cunnilingus, etc...
Put down the Buttberry and get back to chowing my box please.
by BGA June 23, 2005
Small (upto 1" dia ) balls of fecal matter that the body sometimes expels during deep REM sleep. It's believed that this normal occurance is a carryover from the stone age and are expelled to act as a lubricant between the butt cheeks as the Cave man would walk and run.

This is the cause of the mysterious skid mark found in your underwear.
Fred's butt berry fell on the floor this morning when he got out of bed, and I had to rub his nose in it.

I can always tell how drunk I got by the number of butt berries I find in my shorts in the morning.

Men with hairy asses always have that special "aroma" about them because their butt berries have been mashed into their ass hair. TAKE A SHOWER and stay the fuck out of the club's HOT TUB DUDE!
ass plugs, shit balls, balls of shit, are examples of Butt Berry
by Maggot man March 02, 2011
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