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An event in which a very unlucky man or woman experiences such a case of explosive diherrieah that they have to hold on to something to fight liftoff. If the subject is a male and a bonerbo
then all this happens while he is blowing a full-on shed-full of baby-batter out of his jap's eye. EXTREMELY PAINFUL! If the sublect is a female then the(click me im funny!) poo will just explode with so much force that it sounds like a nuke going off in a monkey's stomach while he is riding a big-wheel to cancun to meet a brown eyed, homeless whoman who is jacking off some guy cause he gave her a box of fried chicken from KFC that was sold from some gawkey teenager who had terrable acne that even Proactive cant solve! see what im getting at?
DUDE DUDE !!!I just heard steve in there whit the most HUGE buttSPLOSION i think I feld teh Earth move!
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When you have to squeeze your cheeks together but uncontrollably your ass EXPLODES!
Andy ate taco bell and had an enormous buttsplosion.
by SKEETSKEET RICK JAMES December 22, 2007
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What happens when you have too much coffee
third cup of coffee is almost always a mistake. #buttsplosion
by mysoulishome October 04, 2013
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