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A skirt that is so tight, it shows every last detail of a girl's butt. Often worn by Catholic school girls during Mass.
Person A: Did you see that girl's skirt? It's so fresh!
Person B: Yeah, if you like anorexic-tight butt huggers! It's okay to let your cheeks breathe every once in awhile.
by aintnohollabackgurl December 08, 2010
One that is junior to an accomplished asskisser. They simply cannot get into proximity to kiss the ass so they must be content to hug the butt until the proper opportunity arises.
Batman is a serious asskisser to Commissioner Gordon his sidekick Robin is terribly jealous. Oh well, I guess he just has to pacify himself being a legendary butthugger.
by meezerfuhrer December 16, 2009
the tight, short pants worn by some girls teams in cross country races. Reminiscent of bikini bottoms.
C'mon, let's change into our butt huggers for the race, girls!
by xc 4ever October 18, 2006
very tight jeans and pants which cling to the derrier. Can be very uncomfortable and painful to the genitals. Word is usually directed towards guys, mainly by urban kids who believe that baggy pants are the bomb.
What's with the butt huggers? you look like a pansy with those two-size too small jeans squeezing your ass.
by the left-handed hombre. January 05, 2005
Basically its like butt hole
Max walks down the hall acting like a jerk
Felicity: man that guys a butthugger.
by Ashblood July 29, 2016
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