diarrhea; especially, the gelatinous, meaty-smelling variety.
He sat on his toilet, spewing out one fetid-smelling serving of buttgravy after another.
by Victor Felix August 12, 2005
Top Definition
When a fart is misjudged, it can drop some butt gravy onto the tighty whities. Is used to describe the gooey, mucusy ass slop that drips from a distressed bunghole.
Sucka MC: Damn, yo, I think I done shit my pants!
Pitied Fool: Naw, kid. You just dropped some butt gravy.
by Uncle Funkalunkel September 23, 2003
Butt gravy is the result of sweat in the butt-crack mixing with the solid crusted particles of feces around the outside of the anus to form a slimy substance with the consistency of gravy.
Man, I've been working so hard I can feel that damn butt gravy starting to form.
by chartreuse_crayon January 13, 2007
Butt gravy is what results when you've had the raging shits for several hours and you powder your asshole with corn starch to make it feel better.
Roy's got the shits and and now he's got the corn starch out for his butt hole. Man, he's gotta be brewin' some butt gravy in those shorts.
by Casey Mayfield April 10, 2007
The slightly viscous, brownish liquid found on a condom or the male genitalia after anal sex.
Billy woke up with a new outlook on life and butt gravy on his wang.
by N.A.R.N. March 10, 2007
Anal seepage.
I shit myself and now am creating butt gravy between my ass cheeks.
by ZeVaun February 11, 2011
1. A mix of lubrication and fecal anal leakage that results from anal sex. 2. A messy bowel movement that comes from eating excessive amount of heavily greasy foods in a short amount of time.
Oh man, my girl kicked me out of bed after my Butt Gravy made the sheets stick to he leg! I though a Dutch Oven would be funny, but more then gas came out of my anus that night...
by Russell Sheppard February 29, 2008
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