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When your actual asscrack between the two cheeks is intensely hairy.
Girlfriend: "Dude Conor you got one massive Buttbush going on there"
by Conor Quinn September 25, 2007
When the butt crack hair is more abundant than the hair on ones genitals..
" Man...that nigga-bitch in the low riderr jeans- bent over, and her butt bush fell outa her pants...
by Stephanie E Smith August 28, 2008
The patch of hair at the base of the spine, just above the start of the butt crack. Usually found on men. Resembles a traditional bush, just located on the opposite side.
Ex) That guy's pants were hanging so low, I saw his butt bush.

Ex) He's so hairy...he needs to wax his butt bush!

by Julia76 May 05, 2008
When a Person has a lot of hair in their butt crack
yo, that chick bent over, and I totally saw a fat butt bush!!! NOT O.K.!!!
by AMHOANG March 21, 2011