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When the butt crack hair is more abundant than the hair on ones genitals..
" Man...that nigga-bitch in the low riderr jeans- bent over, and her butt bush fell outa her pants...
by Stephanie E Smith August 28, 2008
The patch of hair at the base of the spine, just above the start of the butt crack. Usually found on men. Resembles a traditional bush, just located on the opposite side.
Ex) That guy's pants were hanging so low, I saw his butt bush.

Ex) He's so hairy...he needs to wax his butt bush!

by Julia76 May 05, 2008
When your actual asscrack between the two cheeks is intensely hairy.
Girlfriend: "Dude Conor you got one massive Buttbush going on there"
by Conor Quinn September 25, 2007
When a Person has a lot of hair in their butt crack
yo, that chick bent over, and I totally saw a fat butt bush!!! NOT O.K.!!!
by AMHOANG March 21, 2011
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