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The act of administering a traditional wedgie by means of a karate chop. One must have ninja like skills to Karate chop so their hand lines up perfectly with the crack of the victim.
The fact that Jeremy was going "Commando" didn't prevent me from giving him a wedgie. I just gave him a Butt - Chop instead.
by Tonious November 01, 2010
1.A prawn, chimp and/ or squirrel. 2.One who steals your ideas or creation and calls it their own. 3.Backstabbing nark.
"Thanks for ratting me out, buttchops". "Look at that buttchops feed his face with that catfood, looking like a prawn". "Hey, thats my idea you freggin buttchops"!
by The Posh November 18, 2010