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when you use someone's butt cheeks as a tortilla and fill in their ass crack with burrito fillings--pinto beans, shredded chicken, salsa, sour cream, and perhaps a special sauce from their anus-- and then eat it.
Timothy was upset that Tina's butt burrito didn't have sour cream in it, but he ate it out of her ass crack any way.
by chimericfalcon September 01, 2010
A huge solid turd, especially very thick turds that cause pain when excreted. The blood accompanying a butt burrito is sometimes known as "special sauce".
She sure is taking a long time in there and making some terrible sounds... Must be laying a butt burrito.
by Hoopty Doopty May 25, 2010
Oh man! I just made the biggest butt burrito! I clogged the toilet!
by heavy_debbie@hotmail.com October 15, 2010