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Bowel movements that are quite a bit larger than the standard 'rabbit turd', yet hold the same consistency and shape as their smaller cousin.

Large round turds that require work and time to pass.

Almost guaranteed splash-back due to density and size.
Hollyfeld: knock knock “Dude, you ok in there?”

Java: grunting/strained “I’m fine. Just planting some butt pumpkins from all that Moussaka last night”

{contributing editor Lazlo Hollyfeld - thank you for your creative prowess}
by Javad0g July 24, 2009
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Noun. 1. An unusually large, solid bowel movement or portion thereof. 2. A person or thing which behaves in a manner reminiscent of an unusually large, solid bowel movement.
"That buttpumpkin got wasted, passed out on my bed and left a massive buttpumpkin in the laundry hamper!"
by Dr. Ruth Bader Ginsberg September 25, 2003
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