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A male of homosexual persuasion who participates in fucking guys in the butt
Eww.. are you a butt hole surfer
by pinkie pie December 01, 2003
27 21
All these diffinitions are incorrect really, The band 'The butthole surfers' actually used this as their name because of all the things people would associate with it. What it actually means is when someone is running along and fall on their ass and slide on the grass. That is butthole surfing.
I love butthole surfers they own. Yas are all rpobably gunna gimme thumbs down but Its true!
by PWnaGE March 06, 2005
475 222
The Butthole Surfers are a great band from Texas. They formed in 1981 and were fronted by Gibby Haynes. Their genre is hard to define, but it's a strange, yet great, mix of avant-garde, hardcore, and psychedelia. Everyone should listen to them.
The Butthole Surfers rock, man.
The Butthole Surfers were a major influence on Kurt Cobain.
The Butthole Surfers made a shit load of great albums.
by Fuck You Too, Bitch! January 25, 2006
233 27
A member of the Texan psychedelic punk band called THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, that made some awesomely weird records in the 1980s.
Locust abortion technician,Hairway to steven,Electric Larryland.
by mugwump November 13, 2004
227 114
1. A tape worm.

2. Well known weird garage surf band.
Looks ath the cover of "Indendant Worm Saloon" by the BHS
by monkiki February 25, 2005
159 117
A really cool 90's band
Butthole Surfers owns your From First to Last butt
by riseabove May 11, 2007
79 52
1. A band name.

2. A person who violates another person with their kundalini either intentionally or by accident.
Dude, you're such a butthole-surfer!
by ButtRogers August 06, 2008
13 2