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A Butt Father is a man who in a relationship, short or long, is the one who penetrates the other's posterior at all times.

It does not matter if the other is male or female, you can still be butt fathered.

One who is the one who gets Butt Fathered is called either a Butt Son or a Butt Daughter.

A woman who uses a strapped-on dildo to penetrate anally is called a Butt Mother.

Plural is Butt Fathers.

It is unknown why they aren't called Butt Husbands or Butt Wifes, it is a strange conundrum...
"I am the Butt Father in this relationship, so get on your mother-fucking knees!" - Abusive Arsehole
by GentlemanChapNuts October 14, 2010
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