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The spunkiest, funniest, most totally inappropriate holiday destination anywhere in the world. Full of attention seeking freaks and weirdos in fancy-dress, strutting about, cackling, getting escorted home in wheelchairs, drinking loads, eating loads, being loud and getting hated by all the boring people. Highly recommended!!!
I feel like a weekend away with loadsa fisting and a fair few cocks... Let's go to a Butlins!
by mrsgreedy May 15, 2012
A piss-stained, garish holiday camp for manic depressives.

Read : Auschwitz
I'd rather lick a rabid Scottish person than go to Butlins.
by Danizen November 24, 2009
A man who is more than a little feminine.
He's more camp than Butlins.
by Divinefire October 14, 2005
Litraly smoking the end of the cigarette, the orangish tip part!
omg what a twat, im so desprate to smoke a cig ill even accept butlins!

yuck you dirty F***** smoking butlins!
by MarlonC June 14, 2007
to confuse someone to such extent he/she (usually he) is powerless to refuse anal penetration. usually said of bearded fellows with double-pronged cocks.
Darwin to Lamarck
by jsdagfh November 24, 2003
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