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A note written by Buster Hanson, often to Bryant Hollifield. (Buster is Emily Hanson's dog) He tells Emily what he wants to say and then Emily writes it on a Post-It-Note and shows it to Bryant. Buster does this because he is deaf.
Buster: (looking at Emily as if writing a note) Hey buddy, you want to play fetch?

Emily: Hey honey, Buster wrote this. He wants you to play fetch with him.

Bryant: (dictating to Emily what is being said back) I will play fetch with you. Sounds fun!

Buster: Thanks, you're the best friend a dog could have! Woof!!

Emily: Oh, that's sweet. He really loves you.

Bryant: He may be deaf, but his Buster Note was cool!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 13, 2011
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