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Otherwise known as Brothelton or slut town, Busselton is a place that is infested with thousands of juvinile sluts that like to hang out at Macca's and tease young men that drive them around as a bribe to have sexual intercourse with them. Of course, it ends with the result of rejection. Causing the young male to fall to his feet at the next 'Of age' slut that he sees.
"Hey man, let's go to Busselton tonight to pick up some hot juvies"

"Nar man! I ain't getting rejected again... lets go to Margs and pick up a slutty bitch from there instead!"
by Yourinmyway July 30, 2008
A small town in Western Australia where the truth is thoroughly distorted to the point where any small incident can be blown completely out of proportion within a fraction of a second.
e.g. 1: I was yelled at from a moving car, and within hours it was know through Busselton that I got severly beaten to within an inch of my life.

e.g. 2: I refused to lend somebody in Busselton ten dollars, and apparently now Im a speed dealer.
by Timmoux March 01, 2011
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