aussie slang for people who live in the outback aussie bogan siting on the porch drinking vb.
Ay, Midge is such a bush rat.
by Big Gio July 25, 2006
Top Definition
Anybody, especially a politician, who supports George W. Bush's agenda, or who is in any way loyal to Grorge W. Bush.
The Bushrat infestation in both the House of Reps and in Congress has been drastically reduced.
by Bone Bologna October 31, 2006
girl with hairy vagina.
Eww... what a Bush Rat.
My ex was a bushrat.
Jackie is a bushrat
by Hmm... you know! December 01, 2008
Another word for a tramp or someone who rarely washes there hair so its all greasy it can also be used to describe someone with greasy skin who also wears too much make up
E.g 1: oh my days have you seen her hair she's such a bushrat
E.g 2:she's such a bushrat have you seen how much make up she's wearing
by Coddominator October 11, 2011
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