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A fascinating and rather stimulating couple of words derived from covering an email bounce back due to policy restrictions in the late 2012. From inserting blanks to "you should give me a B_ _ _ J_ _ because you think I am awesome . The resulting response was filled in as BUSH JET: Bush = Blow and Job = Jet, pretty funny right!. So in order to show your intent in a non incriminating way .You can save your job and maybe get a result and avoid typing words like "BLOW JOB" in your communications and to avoid any company email policy disputes.

Use the BushJet!

Positive Use:
Would you like a Bush-Jet ?
You do like giving me a Bush-Jet , don't you ?
I need a Bush-Jet ?
Would you like a Bush-Jet?
Double BushJet ?
Upside down Bush-Jet?
Bush Jet's bring out you eyes x
Bush Jets are fun ?
ohhhhh Bush Jets!

Negative use of the Bush-jet ( Avoid ) :
No Bush Jet for you ! ... if this is occurs persists with the Positive above!!!!

Enjoy your Bush Jet! ;-)
1. BushJet, blow job , head job

2. give me head, sex

3. the art of having ones PENIS suck

4. Fellatio
by LVV September 18, 2012
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