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Any supporter of G.W. Bush who cries about being ignored by the rest of the american population for having elected a total moron who ran this county into the ground.
"Just another bushbaby crying about the cost of healthcare. Where was this so called "REAL" American when G.W. was wasting trillions of dollars of OUR money on Cheney's war profiteering buddies, corporate mercenaries, bribes to religious nuts, and on some other country's infrastructure."
by Free Radical September 23, 2009
Insulting term for US President George W. Bush.
Bushbaby did this, Bushbaby did that, etc.
by Doc Sigma October 15, 2003
(noun) A child whose father is in an irregular relationship with the mother, or possibly unknown. In the latter case, may also be known as a "spree baby".
"Sally and Joe are from Maria's first marriage, but Jerry is her bush baby."
by Anarcissie May 17, 2008
Babies that are conceived on a drunken kayaking trip with your friends, either in a tent, bush or in the woods, but more specifically at Camper Baby Bay.
She got knocked up with Bush Babies last summer.
by 1/13/25 March 18, 2008
A punkass young male, usually of Black, Peurto-Rican or mixed decent with a very untasteful and ugly afro, and a shitty personality.
That mothercfuckin' Bush Baby was driving like shit.

Eric P is a Bush Baby.
by vilescamp March 18, 2004
(v)A sexual position in which you insert your scrotum into the vagina.

(v)The term to describe a vaginal tea bag.

(n)A hairy ball sack.
Man I was with this girl last night and I totally gave here my Bush Baby.
by Durzo October 16, 2007
A lesbian who drinks from the furry cup.
Rhona Cameron is a bush baby!
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003