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Porn star,one who fucks bush, HUMVEE
One who dislikes George Bush
that obama is one bush buster
by picmman September 12, 2008
(1) A person who demeans or degrades the fairer sex.
(2) A pushy or authoritative person who bullies women.
(3) A situation that annoys females (male equivalent "ball buster").
(1) "My boss told me that I'd never get a promotion unless I acted a little more perky. What a bush buster!"
(2) "The woman at the laundromat cornered me by the industrial dryer and accused me of stealing her detergent. I told her to stop being such a bush buster."
(3) “The morning commute on the 101 is a real bush buster.” or "My final exams- what a bush buster!"
by Em & Peaches June 29, 2010
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