They call me the bus driver, because I'm here to take you to school!
by Elitist January 19, 2004
A person who drives buses and then picks up young girls for sex on the back seat of the bus!!
Usually called Harry
Bus Driver: Alright Love? Fancy a shag?
Dirty School Girl: OK i'm easy but need paying.
Bus Driver: Ok then how much
Dirty School Girl:not much im cheap - £20
Bus Driver:Give ya a fiva
Dirty School Girl:ok im gagging for it
Bus Driver: OK we will drive up Aldershot afterwards to get some chicken
Dirty School Girl: I dont want no chiken!! I only want a shag cas i'm a dirty little whore!!
Bus Driver: And im the peedo who gunna give it to ya on the back seat of my double decker bus!!
by Bob May 19, 2004
murderer who takes children to skooooooooooooooool
i'm the bus driver and i'm going to kill you when you're going to skooooooooooooooool
by David Richardson March 01, 2005
The most evil woman in the world who yells at me for turning my head and makes the ride home pure hell every day. And who knows when you're looking at her so she can look up in the mirror to see you and when she does this, her eyes roll back into her head like a demon.
Look at the busdriver. She sees us! Duck!
by Moomoo March 07, 2005
1)Lifeless zombies who are in the state of either debt, doubt, or high blood pressure that drive buses. Occassionally you will come across a hybrid, one who's mother cross breeded with a human.

2)Dog's encapsulated in obese human costumes, that drive buses, and never stop nagging for food.
1)"Dude, C'mon, the busdrivers gonna get his blood pressure checked again."

2)"I still don't under stand how the busdriver can still afford all of the fritolays chips."

3)"Good thing the busdriver can't fit through the isle way."

4)"Tony, did you bring any dog treats in your backpack today. The busdriver is barking again"

5)"Yes! Our substitute busdriver can't see over his stomach!"
by Kierin August 30, 2005

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